Discover Amazing Legal Chat Bots

If you wish to serve your clients 24/7, you must first create your personal legal chatbot.

Every Bot needs a Pot

While most lawyers are busy with their daily work, some tech providers have built useful automation tools. At 21st Century LP, you can choose from the world’s best systems, augmenting and leveraging yourself for the benefit of your clients.

Tailored Fit

Even the best bot is only as good as the knowledge it has. Depending on what you want the bot to achieve, you can pick the right technology and start building meaningful content. Ideally with a little help but no coding required.

Fast Shipping

Your personal legal bots are always as up-to-date as you want them to be. While books and articles are often legal history when they go to print, your bots are learning and up-dating all the time. Your bots give your clients instant access to the latest know-how. 24/7.


Lia is an intelligent agent for labour law. She is serving as a team assistant at Bouclier Law Firm. Her jobs include drafting certain documents in German labour law and collecting client details in individual employment cases. Lia is currently trained and works in German.

Feel free to talk to Lia on your German employment law issues.

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