Train at the Legal Automation Academy

We teach legal business design, not bulls**t.

See what’s there

We monitor and test automation tools, software and practical training courses globally. As part of LAA community, you will get access to all curated know-how and shared member experience.

Design and build

Our aim is to enable each individual lawyer to self-augment by using the best affordable technology available. Therefore LAA uses best-of-class automation and AI products and offers training how to design and build sustainable legal solutions.

Co-create for impact

We follow closely what’s going on in the law and technology space. We partner with corporations, investors and promising individuals who want to create high-impact ventures.

Looking at available academic training from a practioner’s perspective, we found there remains a gap even at the best universities and business schools. That’s why we are organising the Legal Automation Academy where you can

design, imagine, learn, practice and apply

the methods and tools needed to win in the new legal economy.

Go forward! We believe that it’s better to actively embrace the new foundation models than to spend energy in defending the status quo.

Contact us for course details - please also check out recommended reading below

Books on AI & Law

Noah Waisberg & Alexander Hudek, AI for Lawyers, 2021.


Joshua Kubicki, Is Legal Design Bullsh*t?, 2020.

Books on AI & Society

Daniel Susskind, A World Without Work: Technology, Automation, and How We Should Respond, 2020.

21st CLP publications

Carsten Reimann, Legal Dino and the Algorithm – Inside Stories from BigLaw and NewLaw, 2021.

Books on AI & Business Design

Gianluca Mauro & Nicolo Valigi, Zero to AI, 2020.